Why you should upgrade to VoIP?

If you are still running a traditional phone line for your business, you may be interested to know that there is a better solution which could lead to new features for communication in your business and cost savings. Here are some of the top reasons to upgrade to VOIP:

You can save up to 60% on your communications:

A phone bill can be unpredictable when you have the wrong providers. VOIP saves costs in communication because on site equipment does not require upgrades. You can use your broadband connection, save on wiring and troubleshooting and save on long distance by using VOIP.

Older lines are obsolete:

Old communication lines are tough to maintain. Every time your equipment fails you may face a need to upgrade or replace equipment which can become more difficult to find replacement parts for. New technology like VOIP will improve compatibility and give your phone system a huge upgrade.

You will get new features:

A VOIP system will let you monitor your call for quality, transcribe voicemails, route your calls to answering agents and more. VOIP saves your company time and speeds up communications with more options to keep you efficient.

VOIP is more secure:

VOIP is a more secure system. If you are using traditional audio signals for your phone line, you could easily have your calls intercepted. VOIP is secure with a PCI compliance, HIPAA compliance and it meets a number of global standards for the prevention of security threats. Cloud phone systems are used widely in healthcare, payment processing and more for their security advantages.

They are more reliable:

Traditional phone lines are prone to outages but VOIP is more reliable than any wireless network. If you experience poor call quality, the HD voice codecs in these lines will help you improve the quality of your calls.

Keep some of these top reasons and more in mind if you are thinking of switching over to VOIP with your business. Contact us now if you would like to make the switch!

Fermin Iglesias
Fermin Iglesias